Listing The Top 10 Indoor Plants That You Can Grow


Growing houseplants is more or less like a hobby, which if cultivated, leads to positivity. Having some plants around yourself can very much bring you at peace and thus, is a great stress buster as well. The best part of having lots of indoor plants is that they require very less maintenance, and that is why enabling to keep more of them is something that is not risky. If you love to have a beautiful indoor garden of yours or want to keep small plants in your room, then let us look at some of the great varieties of indoor plants that can be kept at home.

The best houseplants to be kept at home:

While houseplants increase the aesthetics of the house, there is undoubtedly good luck charms associated with some of the plants as well. Therefore, the best indoor plants that can modify the home you are living in are as follows:

●    The cactus

While planting a garden, you might have thought of keeping a cactus plant inside the household. The best part of keeping such a plant is that you get to water it very little and you do not have to pay too much attention to it. Since the cactus is resistant to the heat of the sun do not keep it near the windows; instead, you can keep it in the corners. There are various beautiful and colourful cactus plants available, and you can buy your own depending upon the preferences. There is also a thanksgiving cactus named Schlumbergera bridgesii, and this is a beautiful gift idea as well.

● The bamboo plant

An indoor bamboo plant is tougher and loves the indirect sun rays. You do not need to overwater the plant, as it prefers average shady temperatures. The best part of having a bamboo plant is that it is considered to be lucky, thus symbolizing happy times and even good fortune. You can also gift a bamboo plant to someone and keep it settled in one corner of the room. Some might also call this plant to be indestructible.

●    The mint plant

Also known by the name of Mentha, mint can be also be kept while planting a garden and even in a small pot indoors. Since the plant has thick square stems, it likely requires some more water than the rest of the plants. Studies have shown that eating mint plants can cool down your body and is also an excellent ingredient in many recipes.

●    Spider plant

Commonly known to be the Airplane plant, fertilizers must be added to it in order to keep it fresh. The leaves have a darker shade of green and require very less water as well. If you are planning to do a hanging garden, then this plant is one of the best.

● The dieffenbachia

Dieffenbachia is not that common in households, but it can grow more than 4 feet tall. Although less water is required, the plant likes the direct sunlight. Although the plant might look perfect, its overall nature is poisonous. Therefore, if parts of the plant are consumed, then it can lead to fatal death. Thus, it is advised to keep the plant away from children.

●    The creeping Charlie

This plant goes by various names like alehoof, run away robin, ground ivy, etc. One of the most preferred caring instructions for this plant is that it requires very less sunlight and you can water the plant in moderate amounts as well. Also, fertilizing the soil before inserting the plant into it is beneficial. Although you might not be able to find the plant quite easily in stores, you can purchase its seeds online.

●    Philodendron

Originating in South America, this plant requires very little caring and very less water as well. The plant prefers some humidity and keeping it in moist areas can help. The leaves of the plant are big enough and can resemble the elephant’s ear. Therefore, make sure that you have a separate corner in your home for the philodendron plant.

●    The Norfolk Island pine

As the plant goes by the name of Norfolk Island pine, its shape is more or less like the normal pine tree. Native to Australia as well as New Zealand, this tree can be kept in any part of the house, where moisture and the natural sunlight are coming in. The plant can grow as long as 11 feet, and to help it live long, the right amount of light is practically essential.

●    The Chinese evergreen

This plant is also known as Aglaonema commutatum. While some of the plants you keep at home might require some amount of light, the Chinese evergreen doesn’t require light at all. You can keep the plant in any corner and see the corners get instantly brightened up since its leaves are silver and green in colour. However, the plant might cause some amount of irritation and must be kept away from kids. Even if you have pets at home, make sure they too stay away from it.

●    Grape IVY

If you are planning to buy small baskets and then keep the plants in them, then the Grape Ivy is again one of the best options to go with. The leaves are textured, and due to its colourful nature, you can keep them in light soli and somewhat moist. You can shape them easily and hang them in any region of the house.

Why keeping an indoor house plant is considered to be healthy?

Seeing the depleting amount of oxygen levels, the air is considerably not free from pollution even within the four walls. One of the most natural ways in which this problem can be combated is by keeping indoor plants, which can keep the CO2 levels down and contribute to a greener environment. Apart from planting a garden, keeping indoor house plants is something that is delightful and calms the home atmosphere. Therefore, such plants totally act as purifiers in checking the air quality so that the tranquillity can be maintained throughout!

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