Plants in the Bedroom – Harmful or Helpful?

With the ongoing debate many are conflicted with the idea of keeping plants within the bedroom. This comes from the idea that plants do reverse their circles at night and instead of emitting oxygen, as they are usually do they take in oxygen to burn their stored energy. You might also be wondering if this will in some way compromise the quality of oxygen that is available for you.

However plants that are placed in the bedroom are particularly helpful in many ways, one of them is that they act as air purifiers. This is by taking in the carbon dioxide during the day and giving out oxygen. They do this is high degree clearing out any toxins that can be found in the air. On the other hand during the night you are generally advised to remove the plants in the bed, to many this may seem like a lot of work thus even questioning the need to place plants in the bedroom. However plants in your bedroom use far less oxygen than is usually deemed by many who are against it.

Plants in general

Considering the fact that when and if you go camping in the woods or in the national park, you are usually surrounded with hundreds and hundreds of trees with no worry amount of oxygen in the air. However there is no time that you will ever see a sign warning you not to go to a particular area in the forest as there is no oxygen at night due to the trees.

In addition there are hundreds of thousands of animals that live in forests that you know there has never been any reason for concern that the trees and animals fight for the oxygen at night. Having this in mind you can easily substitute the animals for people and see that even though trees do take in oxygen at night there is usually no need for concern

The Snake plant is one of the good plants in the bedroom
The Snake plant releases oxygen during the night

Plants in the bedroom

However many people also place plants within the bedroom to deal with the sick-home syndrome, this is where you may feel overly sick due to poor ventilation, plants are usually advised in such cases to help with the air . In addition plants like the snake plant usually emit oxygen at night unlike other plants thus benefitting you even more health wise.

Thus for it is helpful and even safe to put plants in the bedroom at night or at any time for that matter, this can only be harmful if you put in hundreds of mature plants in your bedroom. However care should be taken in the event that you do not have a window in the bedroom and have up to 5 plants as trees function in air circulation and not air recycling thus you will still need fresh air coming in once in a while.