How to Grow a Citrus Tree Indoors

What about getting a citrus tree as a houseplant? The citrus tree makes an excellent houseplant; it thrives in conditions you would find indoors. Most of all, growing your own citrus fruits is very rewarding.

The shiny dark green leaves and lovely white flowers makes the citrus tree pleasing to the eye. When the flowers blossom it will fill the room with nice refreshing aroma.

Citrus trees for your home

The citrus tree would normally grow to heights of around 3 to 5 feet when grown indoors. However, some varieties of commercially grown citrus would be too large to be grown indoors. Your best choice would be to go for the smaller variants of the citrus tree. The following are a selection of citrus trees that would be perfect for indoors.

  • Lemon tree, Ponderosa and Meyer.
  • Tangerine.
  • Lime.
  • Calamondin orange.

You can get a citrus tree from a nursery or garden center, but it is also possible to grow your own tree from a seed found in a fruit. If you grow your own tree for seed, please beware that the tree most likely won’t flower and bear fruits.

citrus tree bearing fruits


Citrus tree care

Growing a healthy citrus tree is not difficult, however, getting it to bear fruit can be quite tricky. The citrus tree would thrive in normal room temperatures with a lower limit of about 18°C. During the night, a drop of a few degrees won’t hurt the tree. Be aware the citrus trees don’t like frost and can die if exposed to below zero temperatures.

The tree would grow best with direct sunlight, but the tree would adopt to lower light conditions as well.

Plant the tree in a pot with plenty of space for the roots to grow. The soil should be a mix of equal amounts of potting soil, peat and organic matter. The citrus likes the soil to be slightly acidic.

Water the tree as you would with any houseplant, when the soil is dry it is time to water the tree.

During the months of April to September, you might have to add some fertilizer to the soil. These are the months when the citrus tree normally grows.

How to make the tree bear fruit

To make a citrus tree flower and then bear fruit, requires a few conditions are met. First off, you need to make sure that the tree has a slightly acidic soil and the soil has enough nutrients.

The citrus tree needs a lot of light. Make sure the tree is placed close to a window which gets sunlight for many hours a day. During the winter you can supplement with fluorescent lights.

With enough light and the right temperature, there is a big change for the tree to flower. If your tree flowers, the best option is to place the tree outdoors so insects can pollinate it.

The joy and excitement of having a citrus tree is to manage to make it bear fruit. My favorite houseplants are usually plants or trees that bear some kind of fruit or flowers in a spectacular way. The citrus tree does both, with its lovely white flowers and edible fruits.